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Matilda Ncube

Matilda Ncube was an Ndebele friend of Richard and Wendy’s, who was HIV positive. She was a person with remarkable generosity of spirit. The many struggles of her life she faced with calmness and dignity and unfailing courtesy. Each time she came to visit us she brought a gift, often something she had made herself. She loved with all her heart.


Matilda was a maid in a very busy household that had a stream of international visitors passing through. One of her duties was to set the dining room table for meals, to serve at table, and to clear up afterwards. Several months into our friendship she faxed us one day with 3 dreams she had had, to ask what we thought.


Here they are:

“A table was prepared before me. Seeing it a distance I thought a weding was to be done. Whose weding I asked (Mavis). When I moved closer it was not a weding. I asked the people who were preparing it what they were doing. The answer was we preparing a table for you. I asked them why. They answer was I was going to eat with the visitors. The visitors I don’t know will never know cause I did not see them but I was seeing them like shadows (not clear) but they were with me.

The other one was:
I was asked to go and wash in the river. I saw myself in the river facing the west. In front of me wer two separate pools one on the right and the other on the left to me. It was not good to wash cause the water was not running. I decided not to wash then I saw myself wiping my face and feet then I was up.

Then this one is:
I was given fish flying to the east not high not low but in the middle. They were all flying same speed same distance not too fast: I can say like jets coming home from war. Imediately there was a light coming to my room from the east. I thought to myself I should go out see this light. When I was out I saw clear. It was a star shining bright. Before calling Mavis to see it, it just disappeared.

I thank the Lord for giving me these dreams. Psalms 23 + Psalms 24 The Lord is my sheperd. He guides me in path of righteousness. I fear no evil for you with me all the time.”


Matie died of AIDS in 1999, leaving her 15 year old son. He continued to live with her employers and they covered the cost of his schooling.

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